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blow room / carding  

Blow Room and Carding Machine :

We manufacture following products for any make of Blow Room Lines Like L. R., Trutzschler, Trumec, NSE, Platts, Toyoda, Howa and any other make.

  • Entire range of gears and gear assembly
  • Feed rollers
  • Beaters
  • Levers for piano feed regulating motion
  • Wooden and spiked lattices
  • Any spares like levers, stud, brackets, shafts etc.

     blow room          blow room

Carding Machines :

Our main products for carding machines are

  • Philipson Roller Speed Reduction Gear Unit
  • Coiler Callender Roller Assembly
  • Flat Tops Drive Conversion for Cross Roll MK-4, MK-5 cards
  • Appron Doffer Unit Assembly for LR and Textool Card
  • Energy Saving Kit for LR Card
  • All Types of Cylinder and Licker-in Undercasing of any Carding M/cs.
  • Bare Flats
  • Timing Belt Pulley Conversion for Cross Roll Card
  • Feed Plates and Feed Rollers
  • Front and Back Plates
  • Dynamically Balanced Pulleys for Cylinder, Licker-in, Flats

carding     carding     carding