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ring frame  

Ring Frame :

Following are our main products for Ring Frame

  • All types of bottom fluted and knurled roller
  • Energy saving conversion for LR G5/1 Ring Frame
  • Draft Gear Units
  • Roller stand with Slides
  • Cams
  • Top Rollers.

ring frame

Spindles :

We are specialised in manufacture of spinning, doubling and twisting spindles in aluminum plug type with mild steel wharves in different lifts as per consumers requirement for all type of yarn. Our spindles are of perfect dimensions according to standard tolerances with high and uniform hardness which can go up to 20000 RPM without any vibration.

We assure high operational reliability, troublefree service and long life. We can supply spindles with minimum wharves diameter of 20.2 mm which results in power saving.

Our inserts control centering of spindle at every range of spindle speed and metal parts do not cause oil pollution which reduces the frequency of oil changes.

Our bolsters are made from solid steel and joint less at bottom.