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Speed Frame :

Our complete range of product are as under

  • All types of bottom fluted rollers and knurled rollers for all type of simplex machines
  • False twister
  • Dynamically balanced flyers and pressers in all sizes.
  • Foot step bearings
  • Bolsters
  • Roller stand with slides
  • Differential Gear unit for LR, MMC, etc. M/cs.
  • Draft gear unit
  • Top Roller
  • Jack Shaft
drawing / speed frame

Draw Frame :

Top Rollers with end bushes

Top rollers manufactured by us are most reliably, Economical with perfect specification with maximum electricity of +/-0.02 mm. So users can achieve better evenness and correct drafting with least imperfection of the yarn. Top roller shells are made of high graded alloy steel which under go harkening, case hardening, perfect heat treatment and precession grinding and of course 100% inspection to achieve for long life.

Top roller end bushes are made from special steel material fitted with well known international brands of antifriction thurst needle bearings / Needle gages to get smooth running, long life and to avoid over heating of bushes. Also self locking design with front sealing rings are provided to avoid fluff accumulation.

We also offer quality cots from well known brands having shore hardness ranging from 60 to 85 Degree. Cots are mounted type or moulded type with alu core press fit, easy fit and clue on type cots, cots are provided with 1 mm depth spiral grooving to remove trash particles from the cotton.

Our other products for draw frame are Calander Rollers for LR and Padmatex D/F.

All types of Bottom Fluted Rollers.